Happy and Away from TV

When we decided to organize 12 days of children’s creative and performance arts training in the December-January school vacation, we aimed to compliment the education the children get at school, which is increasingly becoming academic with dwindling options for creativity and healing fun, and to expose the ‘holiday-makers’ to less television and social media. These last two realities stifle creativity and innovation and transmit not-so good habits to the children. Today, technology is part and parcel of our daily life experience. But we all need to engage purposefully with it in such a way that the devices will not turn us into their slaves and prisoners but rather optimize.our earthly lives. �he children living in big towns and cities are also fast getting out of touch with their cultural identities and heritage, something that might leave them rootless, valueless, and lost in a global setting. Just like Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Indians, and so on become their nationalities first and then go on to integrate internationally, we believe that there are innumerable and immeasurable treasures in being Ugandan first. From our interactions with the children we affirm that it is possible to enhance our lifestyles creatively and that the world around still carries lots of lessons and meaning for humanity in the present and the future. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the submissions in this collection. Please, do not hesitate to give us any kind of feedback. We will be grateful.

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