Theatre, Music, and Films

Organizes hands-on and skills training for children and others in form of holiday camps (the holiday -makers programmes), symposia (seminars, workshops, conferences), festivals, fairs and exhibitions, outreaches and concerts, competitions and awards in performance arts, creative writing, poster drawing, design and décor. The activities are conducted physically in different parts of Uganda and on-line.


Theatre according to english definition is a building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given. On the other hand, theatre is the compilation of dramatic aspects with all its elements like theme, character, plot, spectacle, and dialogue.


This is one of the employable and embraced art/skill in our daily life, it creates togetherness, joy and used as therapy in most of mental facilities. This is why at MEBO THEATRE, Music is profound element in our productions(published books and staged plays), we intend to borrow leaf from cultural centered pieces that is to say, folktales, riddles, poems, rituals among others for they reflect our society


In Uganda films is an art that combines realism and fantasy so as to entertain, sensitize and educate the audience because it’s involves three powerful elements story, image and sound