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The Things my Body Needs
Middle and Top Class, P.1
This is a simple and playful way of introducing the pupils to sciences and social studies, for example, by teaching them about the basic needs in life, how and where we get them from. With the help of a teacher or a parent, the children learn about these facts by pointing out the different items in the pictures that correspond with these needs.
I Love to Play with Clay
Top Class, P.1, P. 2
It is a book for children aged between 5 and 7 years, depending on whether the emphasis is put on the words, the pictures, or the activity. The story is told through pictures and words. Suggestions for grammar, comprehension, religious, cross learning and cross-cultural exercises have been made to guide the teachers or parents as they read with the child. The excises in the book also promote team work and encourage the pupils to work with their hands. The exercises will also stimulate creativity, speech and cognitive ability.
The Animals at Home
A book for children aged 6-7 years with beautiful colourful illustrations. It is a story about domestic animals common in people’s homes in Uganda. The story aims to introduce children to what these animals are, what they look like, the English words for each animal in a family, and how useful the animals are to us. Once the children learn the music, it will be easy for them to remember the facts about the animals. Produced in colour the book has eight pages of activities for grammar, word picture relations, reading and writing, sentence construction and comprehension exercises.
Jonah, The Prophet
The book is based on the biblical story of the prophet Jonah. It is re-told in order to remind the child about the importance of obedience and that God is alive. The questions at the end of the story aim to enable the teachers and parents explain God’s relationship with us.
The Stars in Uncle Jed’s House
This is a story about poverty. It aims to encourage the reader to work hard and never accept poverty as a condition of their lives. The story is accompanied by music for the ear, mind, and soul. The music can also be learnt as part of the message. Wide ranging exercises have been given: in grammar, comprehension, reading and writing, speaking and listening, debate, play performance and singing.
Home and Away from the TV
It is a collection stories, poems, and play-lets by the 2018 MEBO Holiday Makers (8-28 January 2018). The collection showcases the contributions of such programme s to the children’s learning and holistic development. The work was also published to inspire children to love to read and write in and away from school. It is hoped that by seeing their work or that of their friends in print, the children will be encouraged to read or write always. The same service can be extended to pupils in your school upon request.
Sarah’s Dream
The story unveils anxieties of a girl on the onset of adolescence presented as dreams and an informative journey story and some key features of Uganda studied at that level.
Tip Your Way to the Prize
All classes
A practical guide in the production of music, dance, drama, poetry and performances of such a nature, especially for festivals and competitions.

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