Purposeful Holiday Making

The MEBO Monthly TIP has stayed in draft form for over a year now, each new month seeing the existing drafts updated or discarded, unfortunately, when the news grows old! This first issue to come out formally in print is therefore a landmark step in the newsletter’s life as it is special. It is dedicated to the Book Harvest Week in Kampala planned as an annual event. The Kampala Annual Book Harvest Week has been on since Monday 29 June 2015, and it is special in many ways. First, it’s a premier in Kampala. There have been book days and fairs certainly but not a book harvest that, in our view, has climaxed as a literary explosion. Secondly, the Book Harvest Week is literal in every sense. Most book launches are organized in the evenings over a cocktail, and feature one book or two as anthologies or by a prominent figure. The Book Harvest is special. It has featured different activities over several days, including a three-day theatre arts and books exhibition; public and media interviews with the different authors and film directors; the Annual MEBO Essay Awards for secondary schools; and a stimulating talk by senior physician and surgeon, Dr. Rockie Kisekka, from Mulago Hospital, on “How the Human Brain Works under intense Pressure and Excitement”

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