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When we decided to enroll 13 year olds plus into the regular MEBO Children’s Holiday Makers Programme for 2020 we hoped to separate them from the 21/2 – 12 year olds. Our assumption was that their interests and expectations as teenagers were different. In some cases they indeed were. But the approach was meant to introduce the children to a real life setting and help them to integrate better. We live and work in homes and society as people of different ages, gender, heights, religions, potentialities, likes and dislikes. Hence the situation gave us new opportunities to appreciate our differences and to realize this year’s theme: “To BE, To DO, and to learn to Live with Others.” I am happy that we integrated with one another very well and learned to give and take without denying the children the chance to be who they are. We prayed and played together every day. We ate the same food and took our meals at the same time. We came together to tell stories, play musical instruments, mold clay, sing and dance. We made connections to our cultural roots through riddling, games, and the different folk songs, dances and musical instruments. Some of the children discovered and learned more about their relatives and family relationships. The children’s drawings and creative items blended well with debates, acting and speeches by the toddlers and young adults. Together, we made new friends and connections. Everybody was happy and positively engaged. We designed and conducted our counselling sessions in the same light and hope that they added some value to the children. Above all, we aimed to give memorable experiences that would bring the children new opportunities.

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